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Reading Philosophy

Finding scholarly philosophical articles

  • Philosopher’s Index - the premier search engine for papers in philosophy journals. This is the best place to start, make sure to use specific search terms and read the abstracts to find articles that are relevant for your project.

  • PhilPapers - this is a relatively new resource for philosophers, containing a database of easily searchable papers. This resource also has bibliographies setup by editors for certain topics, which can be a great place to find new literature (try a category search!).

  • Google Scholar

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - this source contains peer-reviewed overviews of philosophical topics, written by experts in the field. It is a great place to start any research project, both to get a sense of the terms of the debate (great for using the Philosopher’s Index), and for the bibliographies at the end of each source.

  • EarlyModernTexts - Jonathan Bennett's translations are designed to make texts in early modern philosophy clear and more easily readable for contemporary readers. Advanced readers and those focusing on these texts would do well to look into other translations in addition to Bennett's, but his work is an extremely valuable way to look into texts with which you are unfamiliar (especially if you are relatively new to philosophy).

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