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The Laws of Athens

  • Supporters of the Thirty are granted amnesty from prosecution, and opponents of the Thirty cannot even file lawsuits against them. (Periclean Democrats)
  • Funding to provide infrastructure (hospitals, schools, housing) in addition to paying citizens to attend Assembly meetings for the next five years. (Periclean Democrats)
  • The foreign born metics, former slaves, and women who have resided in Athens for a minimum of five years shall be granted full Athenian citizenship, including the right to vote. (Thrasybulan Democrats)
  • Take Professor Maynes out of leadership role.  Open vote for President to those not affiliated with a faction (including Jeff).  (Crito, Socratics)
  • All members of the Assembly pass Stage 16, Quiz 1, if reaching Stage 15 (where reaching Stage 15 means passing Stage 15).
  •  Each guild needs to elect the most qualified within themselves.  These individuals will form a new guiding council, one that is qualified to make decisions. (Socratics)
  • We need to reform our education system and implement a system where future Athenian leaders learn of music and poetry, gymnastics, mathematics, and most importantly, dialectic.  (Socratics)
  • Do not rebuild the Navy, focus on strengthening the hoplites and protecting Athens through building the Long Wall. (Solonian Aristocrats)
  • All Athenians are obligated to pay back all debts that they owe, when they are able to do so.  If they are unable to do so, they should work out a timely payment schedule. (Lysias, Council)
  • Non-members of the Council may speak in Council meetings, but cannot vote. (Council)
  • Education will be provided to all Athenians regardless of their wealth, to be financed based on the number of students who enroll.  The city of Athens will pay the school 4 obols per student who enrolls (with teachers paid at a set rate, regardless of the number of enrolled students). (Simon, Council)
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