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The Laws of Athens

  • It is illegal to remember past wrongs, or to bring suit against supporters of the Thirty for that support.
  • All citizens of Athens are responsible, in their own way, for rebuilding Athens and repairing the damage of the reign of the Thirty.
  • A lottery will be instituted, the proceeds of which be used to rebuild and repair Athenian infrastructure.
  • Slaves who served in the a war, and metics who have lived and paid taxes in Athens for a period of five years, or who served in the a war, will be granted citizenship, and so a right to vote.
  • A nine member ruling council will be formed, called the Jury of Councilors.  Its membership will be elected by the people of Athens, where all citizens have the right to cast one vote.  If a citizen passes a civics examination, has served in the military, or owns property, that citizen gets a second vote.  If a citizen with two votes fulfills another of these criteria, that citizen will have three votes.  The exam will be administered by individuals who forfeit their right to vote.  Its membership will be elected by the people of Athens from a pool of individuals who have demonstrated excellence on intelligence aptitude test administered to all Athenians at the age of six.  Those individuals who pass the test will be trained in the arts of leadership in preparation for service on this Council.  Those in this training will be tested so that only those who display moderation, wisdom, courage, and justice are deemed fit and ready to rule on the Council.  While the membership of the Council is being prepared, an interim government of nine disciples of Socrates will rule Athens.
  • Members of the Ruling Council will be limited to a 6 year term.
  • Young people’s assemblies will be formed to teach all of the youth of Athens, up to the age of 13, democratic values.  These assemblies will be funded through a tax on the wealthy citizens of Athens. 
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