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The Laws of Athens

  • No Athenian shall make an issue publicly of the past wrongs of those who supported the Thirty.  Furthermore, no lawsuits shall be filed against them.  - Chris and Will.
  • Educated metics, men and women, who are determined to continue their education, have worked hard to prove their loyalty to the city, and even helped aid us in the fight against the Thirty.  We should grant them citizenship rights and allow them to attend the Assembly in order to vote and help aid democracy. – Jake, Brendon, Courtney, Ryan, Annie.
  • All members, including women, of the assembly and jury will be paid, and all citizens attending assembly, as well as those on the jury will receive 2 obols to attend an assembly.  A fund to start public schools under Gorgias in Athens will be started with 1 obol per person attending assembly. - The Followers of Thrasybulus.
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Principles of Intellectual virtue

Republic, Book I (Abridged)


Ennis-Weir Example (Moorburg Letter)