Holmes Calendar

□    Read Gould, Mismeasure of Man, pgs. 82-101 (Sakai)
□    Story Outline due – prepare a list of your characters, the timeline of your story, and a revised argument map.

□    Read Doyle, “Yellow Face” (Vol. I: 546-565)
□    Read DeNicola, Learning to Flourish, selection. (Sakai)
□    Write your reasoning journal entry.
□    Work with your group on your presentation.  At this point, you should be putting together your first draft.

□    Continue working on the draft of your presentation for Thursday’s class.
□    Begin writing your Holmes story.

□    Prepare a draft of your presentation.  You need to submit an outline of your presentation at the beginning of class, as well as a recorded practice video by the end of class.
□    Write your reasoning journal entry